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Wiggles is a Texas rescue pup that was rescued at 8 mounths old and had a very rough start at a very young age. He was found starving on the streets of San Antonio, Texas and was heartworm positive and also couldn't walk. He had a long recover but managed to beat the odds stacked up against him and learned to walk and actually run again. He is also heartworm negative. He became one of our sanctuary dogs. Seven years later a tumor was located in his spinal bone and believed to be cancerous and surgery to remove it will put his spine at risk. Today Wiggles receives a special wholestic diet and Chinese medicine to keep him happy and comfortable during the time he has left with us. We want to honor Wiggles by obtaining dog playground equipment and have an area for him other rescue dogs to play. Wiggles loves his outside time sitting on a blanket watching the other rescue dogs. We want to have a special area with playground equipment for special needs dogs and senior dogs. Please support our project so Wiggles and other rescue dogs have a playground equipment that they can use to melt away the bad memories of their past. Please consider a donation at

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